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Ceredigion's countryside

Quintessential Welsh countryside – by which we mean a traditional landscape with small but robust market towns, rolling farmlands and river valleys each with its own character.

Scenery, heritage and contemporary country life

Experience the buzz of the Ceredigion countryside at events such as village or horse and pony shows, or the thrilling harness trotting races. Visit a farm, or follow the Ceredigion Art Trail to share Ceredigion's artists' delight in their surroundings. Find chapels and churches to explore - peaceful places set in stunning landscapes - with great stories to discover.

The spectacular scenery of Ceredigion coast and the Cambrian Mountains was formed many millions of years ago by dramatic movements of melting ice cutting deep gorges to form lush river valleys and the stone 'sarnau' out to sea. Today, the four main rivers (Rheidol, Ystwyth, Aeron and Teifi) are still fed by natural springs high in the mountains at the start of their journey down to the sea.

Celts, Romans, early Christians, Cistercian monks, drovers and silver lead miners have all left legacies – standing stones, Bronze and Iron Age forts, romantic ruins and sheep drovers’ roads. There are living legacies from the past too - look out for Welsh mountain ponies and Cobs - Ceredigion is at the heart of Welsh cob breeding country and the home fo the Welsh Pony and Cob Society. It is possible to visit studs, see stallions at the Lampeter Stallion Show at Llanllyr, and paraded through the streets at Cardigan's Barley Saturday. The Aberaeron Cob Festival is held every two years, and each village show has classes for horses and ponies, with ponies being the main focus of some such as Llangeitho and Ffos y Ffin. The native Welsh Black cattle graze our wildlife reserves as well as being a versatile farm animal. See them close up at the Llanerchaeron estate, along with welsh pigs and the distinctive black faced Llanwenog sheep - a breed that has a an unique history of its own.

​Ceredigion’s beautiful, brooding hills also bear silent witness to popular heroes, fabled giants and mythical spirits of ancient Welsh folklore who roamed these parts. Who knows, perhaps they still do, especially on those clear nights, when the very darkest of skies give way to a scintillating spectacle of bright, twinkling stars and shining planets.​