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Destination Management - Ceredigion

Taking responsibility for developing the destination, understanding the needs of its visitors and the different communities, managing the environment in which tourism takes place as well as brining together the businesses involved (either supporting tourism or being supported by it), is a challenge.

Places evolve and collaboration, coordination and a continued focus are essential to ensure a high quality experience for all, and the needs and expectations of a range of stakeholders are taken into consideration - visitors, residents and local business.

In order to ensure that an area's visitor economy is successful and sustainable, the different elements that make up the destination need to be managed in a long term and integrated way.

The Ceredigion Destination Management Partnership brings together key stakeholders who work together to develop and implement a Destination Management Plan to address these challenges, based on the sustainable tourism principles of integration and collaboration. Ceredigion County Council is a major stakeholder in destination marketing and management. ​

Destination Management

Destination Management is an approach to managing and developing the visitor economy which embraces the total visitor experience at every stage of the visitor 'journey' - before, during and after their visit. It is about managing the public realm and creating and maintaining a sense of place as well as communicating clearly and delivering good service and customer care.

Destination Management Plan

Below you will find the Destination Management Plan for Ceredigion and the related Action Plan that will be developed to deliver its strategic objectives, as well as background documents including Ceredigion's Tourism Strategy. The plan will evolve to reflect the evolution and development of Ceredigion as a destination. The Action Plan will summarise the rolling programme of work jointly identified and agreed and how it will be delivered.

Ceredigion Destination Management Plan

Ceredigion Tourism Strategy 2011-2022 

Destination Management Wales

The Destination Management approach is being adopted Wales-wide. More information about Destination Management can be found on the VisitWales Destination Management portal including information about sustainable tourism, a comprehensive 'toolkit' and a series of case studies.