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Photo gallery: Free Images

Ceredigion County Council has commissioned a set of images to be available free of charge to businesses wanting to promote the destination. The images in this gallery have been selected to represent the range and contrast of the Ceredigion tourism destination offer, from landscape, heritage and culture to contemporary events and activities. Please note that these images cannot be sold and the copyright always remains with the original author(s).

Do you have your own images you would like to share? Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share them with us. Or if you need need high resolution images for publishing in magazines, guidebooks or online please contact the Ceredigion County Council tourism marketing staff for advice.

Photo Gallery

Scroll down through our favourite images or use the search bar to find something more specific. For example, why not try looking for a sunset, beach, walk or an activity?

  • Cardigan Bay Dolphins
    Cardigan Bay Dolphins
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cardigan, Bay, Dolphin, Wildlife, Boat, Trip, Coast, Sea, Family, Holiday, New, Quay,
  • Llyn Frongoch
    Llyn Frongoch
    Discover, Ceredigion, River, Lake, Horse, Pony, Countryside, Grass, Trisant, Llyn, Frongoch,
  • Nant y Moch, Plynlimon
    Nant y Moch, Plynlimon
    Discover, Ceredigion, Walk, Countryside, Nature, Nant, Moch, Plynlimon, Dam, Lake,
  • Sea Watersports
    Sea Watersports
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Activity, Sea, Cardigan Bay, Waves, Surf, Kayak, Canoe,
  • Ynyslas Sand Dunes
    Ynyslas Sand Dunes
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Walking, Beach, Couple, Ynyslas, Golden, Sand, Dunes, Holiday
  • Aberystwyth Promenade
    Aberystwyth Promenade
    Discover, Ceredigion, Aberystwyth, Promenade, Beach, Coast, RNLI, Lifegaurds, Walking, Family, Holiday,
  • Surfing
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Activity, Sea, Surfing, Waves, Surf, Cardigan, Bay, Watersport, Water, Sport
  • River Rheidol
    River Rheidol
    Discover, Ceredigion, River, Rheidol, Plynlymon, Countryside, Nant y Moch, Devil, Bridge, Hafod, Estate, Falls, Scenery, Vale, Railway, Salmon, Trout, Cambrian, Mountain
  • Wind Surfing
    Wind Surfing
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Activity, Sea, Wind, Wet, Surfing, Cardigan, Bay, Water, Sport, Watersport
  • Cilborth Beach
    Cilborth Beach
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cilborth, Beach, Sand, Secluded, Cove, Carreg, Bica, Giant, Tootth, Rock, Coast, Blue Flag, RNLI, Lifeguards
  • Llanerchaeron
    Discover, Ceredigion, Garden, Flowers, Walk, Model, Farm, John, Nash, Manor, House, Mansion, S4C, Y Plas, Countryside
  • Aberporth Beach
    Aberporth Beach
    Discover, Ceredigion, Aberporth, Beach, Coast, Golden, Sand, Sea, Family, Holiday, Lifeguards, RNLI,
  • Constitution Hill
    Constitution Hill
    Aberystwyth, Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Activity, Tram, Constitution, Hill, Family, Relax, Holiday, Aberystwyth,
  • Stars in the Night Sky
    Stars in the Night Sky
    Discover, Ceredigion, Night, Sky, Star, Sunset, Sun, Set, Countryside,
  • Cwmystwyth
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cambrian, Mountain, Countryside, Cwmystwyth
  • Llangrannog Beach
    Llangrannog Beach
    Discover, Ceredigion, Llangrannog, Beach, Golden, Sand, Cove, Sea, Coast, Surfing, Rowing, Family, Holiday, Seals
  • Teifi Valley Railway
    Teifi Valley Railway
    Discover, Ceredigion, Activity, Train, Teifi, Valley, Railway, Steam, Family, Relax, Holiday, Trip, Countryside,
  • Coastal Golf Course
    Coastal Golf Course
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Activity, Golf, Family, Green, Bunker, Scenery, Pitch, Putt, Par, Hole, Sport, Scenery, Dunes
  • Mwnt to Cardigan Island Coast Path
    Mwnt to Cardigan Island Coast Path
    Discover, Ceredigion, Mwnt, Cardigan, Island, Bay, Walk, Couple, Wales, Coast, Path, Flowers, Views, Sea,
  • Ponies at Cors Caron
    Ponies at Cors Caron
    Discover, Ceredigion, Countryside, Horse, Cors, Caron, Tregaron, River, Teifi, Ponies, Pony, Cambrian, Mountain, Pont, Einon,
  • Golf at Sunset
    Golf at Sunset
    Discover, Ceredigion, Golf, Course, Family, Sun, Set, Sunset, Relax, Scenery, Bunkers, Bogeys, Birdies, Par, Hole,
  • Penbryn Beach Walk
    Penbryn Beach Walk
    Discover, Ceredigion, Penbryn, Walk, Coast, Path, Coastpath, Cardigan, Bay, Beach, Ramblers, Wildlife, Scenery, Views,
  • Plynlimon Lake
    Plynlimon Lake
    Discover, Ceredigion, Pools, Cambrian, Mountain, Upland, Lake, Plynlimon, Pumlumon Fach, Nant Y Moch, Lon Las, Wales, Owain, Glyndwr, Reservoir, Countryside
  • Clifftop Walk
    Clifftop Walk
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cardigan, Bay, Walk, Wales, Coast, Path, Views, Sea, Coastpath, Clifftops
  • Lampeter
    Discover, Ceredigion, Lampeter, Town, Road, River Teifi, University, Llambed, Countryside, Wildlife, Gold, National Trust,
  • River Teifi Canoes and Kayaks
    River Teifi Canoes and Kayaks
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cambrian, Mountains, River, Valley, Family, Activity, Teifi, Rapids, Canoe, Kayak, Sport, Water, Watersport
  • Mwnt From Ceredigion Coast Path
    Mwnt From Ceredigion Coast Path
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cardigan, Bay, Walk, Wales, Coast, Path, Views, Sea, Coastpath, Mwnt, Beach,
  • River Teifi Coracle Racing
    River Teifi Coracle Racing
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cambrian, Mountains, Valley, Activity, Rapids, River, Teifi, Family, Coracle, Racing, Sport, Water, Watersport
  • Sheep
    Discover, Ceredigion, Sheep, Lamb, Grass, Field, Countryside, Wool, Animal, Farm
  • Cambrian Mountain Biking
    Cambrian Mountain Biking
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cambrian, Mountain, Biking, Cycling, Downhill, Scenery, Countryside, Trees, Nature, Trail, Bike
  • Cardigan Bay Sailing
    Cardigan Bay Sailing
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Activity, Cardigan Bay, Sailing, Sea, Team GB, Cardigan, Bay, Tide, Watersport,
  • Ynys Lochtyn Coast Path
    Ynys Lochtyn Coast Path
    Discover, Ceredigion, Ynys, Lochtyn, Wales, Coast, Path, Llangrannog, Walk, Peninsula, Sea, Scenery, Views
  • Ceredigion Woodlands Walk
    Ceredigion Woodlands Walk
    Discover, Ceredigion, Activity, Scenery, Cambrian, Mountains, Family, Holiday, Walking, Views, Outoors, Woodland, Hiking, Nature, Trail
  • Llangrannog Coast Path
    Llangrannog Coast Path
    Discover, Ceredigion, Llangrannog, Coast, Path, Walk, Beach, Cilborth, Cove, Ynys, Lochtyn, Seal, Cardigan, Bay, Carreg, Bica,
  • Teifi Valley Pools
    Teifi Valley Pools
    Discover, Ceredigion, River, Valley, Teifi, Pools, Countryside, Nature, Walk, Scenery, Cambrian, Mountains,
  • Road Cycling Aberystwyth
    Road Cycling Aberystwyth
    Discover, Ceredigion, Activity, Family, Holiday, Cycling, Outoors, Cyclefest, Aberystwyth, Competition, Race, Mountain, Biking, Promenade
  • Spring Ceredigion Coast Path
    Spring Ceredigion Coast Path
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Path, Wildflowers, Walk, Spring, Cardigan, Bay, Sea, Sun,
  • Walking in the Woods
    Walking in the Woods
    Discover, Ceredigion, Countryside, Scenery, Trees, Nature, Woods, Arch, Walk, Explore, Cambrian, Mountains, Hafod, Estate,
  • Cambrian Mountains Sunset
    Cambrian Mountains Sunset
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cambrian, Mountain, Sunet, Sun, Set, Sky, View, Nature, Countryside,
  • Castell Bach
    Castell Bach
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coast, Castell, Bach, Walk
  • Teifi Pools Cycling Cambrian Mountains
    Teifi Pools Cycling Cambrian Mountains
    Discover, Ceredigion, Activity, Family, Holiday, Cycling, Outoors, Sun, Scenery, Cambrian, Mountains, Coast, View, Peaceful, Countryside, Outdoors
  • Cardigan Bay Road Cycling
    Cardigan Bay Road Cycling
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cycling, Cardigan, Bay, Aberystwyth, Sportif, Cyclefest, Borth, Sport, Coast, Activity, Road, Sport
  • Teifi Pools - Lake Walk
    Teifi Pools - Lake Walk
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cambrian, Mountains, Lake, Walk, Nature, Scenery, Views, Teifi, Pools,
  • Llangrannog Walks
    Llangrannog Walks
    Discover, Ceredigion, Llangrannog, Coast, Path, Coastpath, Walk, Beach, Sea, Cardigan, Bay, Seals, Carreg, Bica, Seal, Family, Holiday, Ynys Lochtyn,
  • Cambrian Mountains Cycling
    Cambrian Mountains Cycling
    Discover, Ceredigion, Activity, Family, Holiday, Cycling, Outoors, Cyclefest, Aberystwyth, Mountain, Biking
  • Fantastic View from the Cambrian Mountains
    Fantastic View from the Cambrian Mountains
    Discover, Ceredigion, Fantastic, View, Cambrian, Mountain, Walk, Nature, Scenery, River, Peak
  • Ynys Lochtyn Walk
    Ynys Lochtyn Walk
    Discover, Ceredigion, Ynys Lochtyn, Coast, Cardigan, Bay, Path, Wales, Coastpath, Peninsula, Llangrannog,
  • Ceredigion Harness Racing
    Ceredigion Harness Racing
    Discover, Ceredigion, Equine, Events, Attractions, Horse, Pony, Riding, Shows, Tregaron, Competitions, Trotting, Carriage, Race
  • Cycling in the Countryside
    Cycling in the Countryside
    Discover, Ceredigion, Cambrian, Mountains, Countryside, Cycling, Path, Trail,
  • Wild Flowers at Ynys Lochtyn
    Wild Flowers at Ynys Lochtyn
    Discover, Ceredigion, Coastpath, Coast, Path, Wild, Flowers, Ynys, Lochtyn, Llangrannog, Cardigan, Bay, Walk, Peninsula