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Research, Reports and Statistics

It is the Welsh Government that leads on collating, analysing and reporting all-Wales tourism research data.Some data is analysed and paid for at Local Authority level, but data for more localised areas is not currently available. Ceredigion is represented on the Wales Tourism Research Partnership which aims to share research intelligence and best practice across Wales.

VisitWales, the tourism marketing and development unit of Welsh Government, works in partnership with other tourism related organisations, and several projects are undertaken on a joint basis, such as consumer surveys which measure the volume and value of overnight domestic tourism trips taken by residents of Great Britain and overseas visitors.

Ceredigion in a Nutshell

  • Tourism contributes around £331 million annually to the Ceredigion economy.(STEAM 2018)
  • Tourism supports 5,400 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) jobs. (STEAM 2018)
  • Ceredigion welcomes over 2.73 million visitors annually for holidays, short breaks and to visit friends and family. (STEAM 2018) Of these, 1.21 million are staying visitors, and another 1.52 come into Ceredigion as day visitors.
  • Ceredigion has 45,456 bedspaces, the majority of which (91%) are in caravans, self catering cottages and other non serviced accommodation. Another 3669 bed spaces are available in serviced accommodation, mainly in properties with 10 rooms or fewer (2,122) or between 11 and 50 rooms (1,229). (STEAM 2018​)
  • Ceredigion has high visitor satisfaction ratings - over 90% UK staying visitors plan to return. (WSS 2013)
  • 30% of visitors to Ceredigion are from Wales - the majority from South and South West Wales. (WSS 2013)
  • 62% of UK staying visitors to Ceredigion are from England, of which half of those are from The Midlands. The South East and Northern England generate 11% each, and 9% are from the South West. (WSS 2013)
  • Ceredigion attracts older couples (43%) and families with young children (24%) (WSS 2013)
  • Around two thirds of visitors say that their visit is partly to enjoy the landscape, countryside or beach.
    (WSS 2013)
  • A third of visitors say they plan on taking part in outdoor activities, including 43% of UK staying visitors. (WSS 2013)
Please note that the next Ceredigion report from the Wales Visitor Survey (WVS) will be published in 2020.

Economic impact

Tourism can make a substantial contribution to local economies. Measuring this impact is, however, notoriously difficut, as so many factors have to be taken into consideration. Various models have been developed, most notably the Cambridge Economic Impact and the Scarborough Tourism Activity Monitor (STEAM). The majority of Local Authorities in Wales use STEAM.

Below you will find the most recent STEAM reports:

Ceredigion STEAM Report 2018​

Ceredigion STEAM Report 2017​

Ceredigion STEAM Report 2016

Ceredigion STEAM report 2015​

Ceredigion STEAM Report 2014​

Ceredigion STEAM Report 2013

Ceredigion STEAM Report 2012

Ceredigion STEAM Report 2011

Ceredigion STEAM Report 2010

Accommodation Occupancy

The Wales Occupancy Survey monitors and provides trend and benchmarking information on the demand for tourist accommodation and its performance. The results are widely used by operators, Government, Local Authorities and other organisations involved in planning, marketing and developing tourism resources.

Occupancy surveys are also used to calculate the volume and value of tourism in Wales and it is important that accommodation providers participate to provide data. Participation is free in return for supplying information and participants receive confidential individual monthly reports which compare the individual business's results with the sector on a regional basis and Wales as a whole.

Occupancy levels are monitored across the following accommodation types:
- Self-catering cottages and apartments
- Touring caravans and camping
- Holiday parks
- Hotels
- Guesthouses
- Bed and Breakfasts
- Hostels

The Welsh Government Statistics Service StatsWales publish occupancy statistics for these sectors on a rolling basis. See the StatsWales tourism​ statistics webpages  

If you have an accommodation business and would like to contribute to the survey, more information is available on the Welsh Government tourism research site.

Visits to Attractions

A Survey of Visits to Tourist Attractions has been conducted annually since 1973. The aims of the research are to:
- Determine and report annual visitor numbers to attractions throughout Wales.
- Analyse collected data on visit numbers to identify current trends.
- Provide additional comparative analysis on visitor figures, operations, funding, revenue, marketing and human resources

To take part in future surveys, please contact the tourism research team by e-mail

Visitor Satisfaction

Ceredigion County Council commissions regular Visitor Satisfaction Surveys to monitor visitor attitudes to Ceredigion and its visitor services. The Visitor Satisfaction Survey (VSS) provides a profile of visitors to Ceredigion, their motivation for visiting, the accommodation used and their satisfaction with the visit. The data is collected during face to face interviews with visitors during their visit at locations across Ceredigion. Ceredigion results feed into the Wales Visitor Satisfaction research and the report provides a comparison between Ceredigion and the results for Wales as a whole.

Below are the most recent Visitor Satisfaction Surveys for Ceredigion.

Ceredigion Visitor Satisfaction Survey 2013

Ceredigion Visitor Satisfaction Survey 2011

Undertaking your own Research

You can also undertake your own visitor research, either informally by asking your guests some simple questions, analysing guest comments in your visitor book and on customer feedback sites such as Tripadvisor, or by asking guests to complete a simple survey placed in guest bedrooms or on your website.

Need some guidance? Training may be available - contact the Ceredigon Tourism Service for information on who to contact for tailor made courses.

Other Research

There is a wealth of data available in the form of official statististics, consumer surveys and reports which are relevant to tourism management and marketing. Check the following sites for updates and further links:

- Welsh Government tourism research

- Office for National Statistics

VisitBritain Insights and Research​​​