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Y Syrcas / The Circus

Syrcas / The Circus - comes to a tranquil Ceredigion town and changes things forever.  The community is ruled with a rod of iron by its strict Calvinist minister whose teenage daughter falls in love with the circus elephant. Set in Victorian Cardiganshire (now Ceredigion) the film has echoes of local folklore about a travelling circus and its elephant visiting Tregaron in 1848.

The imagined tale of Y Syrcas / The Circus centres on a strict Calvinist minister's teenage daughter struggling to come to terms with her father's uncomprimising religious conventions and his addiction to the drug laudanum. Although initially wary of the newcomers, the townspeople eventually warm to their exotic visitors when one of the circus elephants helps rescue a group of trapped miners. 

The atmospheric film was shot on location in Ceredigion around the town of  Tregaron, the parish of Llangeitho, and along drovers routes in the Cambrian Mountains

A travelling circus stopped off in the small town of Tregaron in 1848, where one of the elephants fell fatally ill after drinking water at Bronmwyn lead mine, and, according to local folklore, was buried behind the Talbot hotel, a traditional drovers inn and a well known local landmark. 

The story of the elephant is affectionately remembered locally and during 2011 a team of archaeologists from Trinity St David's University at nearby Lampeter excavated the site to find out more about what happened. It's possible to walk the scenic 5 miles between Tregaron and Bronmwyn along the elephant walk route, and other lanes and drovers' routes into the Cambrian Mountains. There are other mine sites to explore with the in the area and discover heritage of the miners and the people of Ceredigion who made their mark across the world.