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Film and Television in Ceredigion

The landscape of Ceredigion 'is almost a character in its own right' say the producers of 'Hinterland/ Y Gwyll', the detective series set in Aberystwyth and northern Ceredigion shown on S4C, BBC Cymru/Wales and BBC Four. Following fantastic reviews, the third series of Hinterland / Y Gwyll has been filmed on location in Ceredigion. Stunning locations, dramatic storylines and colourful characters – this is Ceredigion on the silver screen ... 

Film and Television in Ceredigion

Do you remember the last scene of The James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’? The exotic beach is in fact Penbryn beach in Ceredigion. Another spy thriller, a remake of the popular 1960s TV spy series, The Man from U.N.C.L.E, had scenes filmed in Ceredigion. British director Guy Richie chose the hills and forests around Ponterwyd, known for the challenging Cambrian Mountains stages of international car rallies, for some thrilling car chases.

The 2008 film ‘Edge of Love’- a fictional romance loosely based on actual events in the poet Dylan Thomas' life, was filmed on location in New Quay and Lampeter. New Quay and Aberaeron provided the backdrop for the 1950s British comedy film, The Constant Husband, starring Sir Rex Harrison as the man who wakes up in a hotel room in Wales, suffering from amnesia, only to discover that he has many wives in his many homes all over the country.​

Ceredigion's association with film goes back to the industry's early days. Three of the novels of Anna Adelisa Puddicombe, who wrote as Allen Raine, were filmed for the cinema, including 'Torn Sails', directed by A V Bramble, and featuring Milton Rosmer, Mary Odette and Geoffrey Kerr.  Scenes were filmed on location in Llangrannog, with local people as extras.  The author lived at Tresaith and took inspiration from the location and its people for her novels. Allen Raine's novel 'The Welsh Witch' has recently been republished, but sadly the early films based on her work have been lost, unlike Alfred Hitchcock's first feature film, The Pleasure Garden, which was based on the work of 'Oliver Sandys' pen name of Marguerite Evans, who lived with her husband, the controversial author, Caradoc Evans, at New Cross near Aberystwyth.

Aberystwyth is the home of the National Sound and Screen Archive at the National Library of Wales. There are regular showings of film, TV programmes and documentaries from the archive collection, and talks and lectures about the contemporary culture as well as the treasures from the archives.

The National Library itself is the location of The Library Suicides, a thriller which premiered to high acclaim at the 2016 Edinburgh Film Festival.

Ceredigion- Real / Imagined

The name of a real place in Ceredigion was borrowed for the satirical TV series Little Britain, resulting in the village sign of Llanddewi Brefi being taken on several occasions by alleged fans of the series. The village name and that of the memorable character 'Daffyd' are deliberately misspelt, exactly as they are often mispronounced by those unfamiliar with them!

The real landscape and life of one area of Ceredigion - Trefeurig - was captured in the melancholy documentary film 'Sleep Furiously' by Gideon Koppel who also produced 'Borth' looking at the north Ceredigion  beach and village from a different perspective.

Ceredigion is the location of the children's TV series Sali Mali, filmed at Blaenpennal, and popular S4C series Teulu, filmed at the other end of the Aeron valley, in and around the harbour town of Aberaeron. The nearby mansion of Llanerchaeron was the location of the 'upstairs downstairs' reality TV show Y Plas.

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