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Powerful Sounds and Silence

There is a local belief that the composer Handel may have heard the singing crowds at Llangeitho which inspired him to compose the Messiah’s Halleluliah chorus. Daniel Rowlands was at the height of his charismatic powers in the late 1730 and early 1740s. Is it possible that Handel, who claimed to have composed his famous work in less than a fortnight, had visited Llangeitho on his way to Ireland, where in 1742, his Messiah was performed for the first time?

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Powerful Sounds and Silence

A legend associated with the building of the church at Llanddewi Brefi relates how two oxen were struggling to pull a heavy load of stone over Foelallt crag. One of the oxen collapsed with the strain and as he died, the other lowed loudly nine times – so loud that it split the crag in two. This opened up a route that enabled the remaining ox to pull the load by himself. The split crag is visible today.

When the Devil stole a bell from Llanarth church, he put it down to rest for a moment as it was very heavy. Today, people say that there is a spot close to the church, where the sound of the bells cannot be heard. Why not try and find the spot yourself? Or check out more Devil stories in our Cheating the Devil section.