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Henry Richard 'Apostle of Peace'

Henry Richard was a nonconformist minister who became well known on the international stage as 'The Apostle of Peace'. He was appointed Secretary of the Peace Society in 1848, a precursor to the League of Nations and United Nations Organisations. He was also an anti-slavery campaigner and a prominent pioneer in education, becoming the first Vice-President of Cardiff University College.


Henry Richard

Henry Richard was born in Tregaron in 1812 and educated at Llangeitho and London. Richard was opposed to war for moral and religious reasons, declaring his hope that "the abatement of the war system lies in permanent conviction of the people, rather than the policies of cabinets or the discussions of parliaments."

Henry Richard became the Member of Parliament for Merthyr Tydfil, where many men from Ceredigion had migrated to find work in the coal mines. Henry was also a passionate speaker on Welsh matters, earning the nickname of 'the member for Wales'.

Henry's father, the Reverend Ebenezer Richard, had a chapel built at Soar y Mynydd in 1822 to provide for the farmers, who lived in the surrounding area and for the drovers, who would pass this way on their journey to the markets of England. A peaceful site, it has inspired several artists and statesmen.

An imposing statue to Henry Richards stands at the centre of Tregaron, in front of the Talbot Hotel. From here it is a pleasant 10 mile journey to 'Soar y Mynydd', in the Cambrian Mountains.