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A strong tradition of herbal medicine continues in Wales today, dating back to the monks of Strata Florida, who used the herbs and plants of the surrounding countryside to flavour their food and to cure their ills​. The monks also developed pioneering techniques in farming, introducing new methods of land management and husbandry and developed fisheries along the shores of Cardigan Bay.


A Distinguished Car​diologist

Dr William Evans (1895–1988) from Tregaron was a pioneer of heart medicine, developing the use of digitalis, found in foxgloves to treat patients. He was a distinguished cardiologist and a founding member of the British Heart Foundation in 1961.

Dr Evans became also notably became embroiled in the abdication crisis of King Edward VIII, when the Royal Physician Lord Dawson of Penn, attempted to influence the retirement of the Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin. Dr Evans, using an electrocardiograph, proved the Prime Minister to be perfectly healthy and the king eventually abdicated.

When he retired, Dr Evans decided to return to Tregaron where he wrote the biography of his great uncle the 'Welsh Swagman', Joseph Jenkins. Visit Strata Florida Abbey to learn more about the lives of the monks and spot the remains of the medieval fish traps on Aberarth shore at low tide.

...and an Expert in Pulmonary Medicine

Dr Roger Seal (1922-2010), born in Llanerchaeron and raised in New Quay, made a huge contribution to pulmonary medicine. He is remembered for his research into many lung diseases and for his contribution to the understanding and prevention of diseases such as farmers' lung, pneumoconioisis and asbestosis. A keen sailor, Dr Seal was a founder member of New Quay Yacht Club.