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Twm Sion Cati

​Twm Sion Cati is a popular Welsh hero similar to Robin Hood, known for robbing the rich, tricking the unscrupulous and for his kindness to the poor. Late in life Twm married a widowed heiress, he was appointed Justice of the Peace and became a respectable historian and genealogist.

​Twm Sion Cati

Born at a house called Porth y Ffynnon (Fountain Gate) on the outskirts of Tregaron in about 1530, Twm's real name was Thomas Jones. He fled to Geneva in 1557 but two years later he returned to be pardoned by Elizabeth I, which suggests that he may have hidden in his Cambrian Mountains cave to escape religious persecution rather than to avoid the wrath of people who had been tricked by him.

Ceredigion author T Llew Jones wrote about the adventures of Twm Sion Cati, and a 1970s BBC television series, Hawkmoor, was also based on his exploits.

Visit the Red Kite Centre at Tregaron to see a copy of Twm's will, and discover the Twm Sion Cati trail​.