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Ceredigion people

Ceredigion people have touched lives in places as far flung as the island of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean to North America, Australia and Russia and from decisive battles to the founding of banks and tour companies to the establishment of the peace movement. Some have stayed within their locality, becoming poets, farmers and shipbuilders as well as teachers and social reformers, whilst others have braved the trials of emigration, or roamed the high seas as captains, sailors and smugglers. And of course, amongst the saints, apostles and heroes, there are a few rogues and villains too.

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More on Ceredigion People

At first glance Ceredigion communities may appear small, quiet and remote from the bustle of city life and world events, but Ceredigion people have made surprising and distinctive contributions to history whilst the Ceredigion diaspora has reached far and wide.

Our heroes may not be familiar names, but here are a few contemporary Cardis you may recognise:

  •   Rachel Rowlands, founder of Rachel's Dairies
  •   Professor Steve Jones, geneticist and author
  •   Catrin Finch and Claire Jones, harpists to HRH The Prince of Wales
  •   Gwawr Edwards, opera singer
  •   Dafydd Jones, rugby player and commentator
  •   Gruff Lewis, professional cyclist
  •   Jonathan Jones, world Formula 1 speedboat champion
  •   Hywel Davies, Grand National jockey
  •   Caradog Jones, the first Welshman to reach the summit of Everest
  •   Huw Richards,  TV and Youtube gardener
  •   Rachel  Rowlands, founder of Rachels Dairy

Discover Ceredigion's heritage with its people, and discover the communities that have helped form the Ceredigion culture.​​

Did you know?
A 'Cardi' - as a person from Ceredigion is affectionately known throughout Wales - has a reputation for having a wry sense of humour and being independent minded, typified by the tale of a farmer and a visitor talking at a farm gate: the visitor asks the farmer "what do you grow here?" only to be told "men, sir."
Discover your roots
A wealth of material is available to help you trace ancestors at the National Library of Wales and at the Ceredigion Archives, both located at Aberystwyth.