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Peace and religion

​Ceredigion has a rich religious heritage which is all about the passion of the people and peaceful places to visit, from the early Celtic church of David and other saints to the stirring Methodist revivals of the 18th and 20th centuries. Today, churches across Ceredigion welcome visitors. These Peaceful Places can be found on the shores of Cardigan Bay, and in the valleys and hills of the Cambrian Mountains.

Peace and Religion

The 18th century saw an evangelical revival of Christianity, and the rise of non-conformism.  Cilgwyn, near Llangybi, became a focus for a group of Presbyterian meeting houses in the Teifi and Aeron Valleys, an area which was one of the strongholds of nonconformism in Wales. Llangeitho, in the Aeron Valley, was at the heart of the movement with charismatic preacher, Daniel Rowland, attracting crowds from far and wide.  

Chapels were built by farmers and miners. To experience their peaceful simplicity, visit Soar y Mynydd, on a Cambrian Mountains drovers' route, built by Ebenezer Richard, father of Henry Richard​, the anti-slavery and peace campaigner.  

Llangeitho recently celebrated the 300th anniversary of Daniel Rowland’s birth.  Visit the village and discover how the passion continued into the 20th century, with Dr Martin Lloyd Jones, another charismatic preacher raised and commemorated in this quiet and attractive village. The ‘Black Spot’ or ‘Smotyn Du’ is the name given to an area between Aberaeron and Lampeter and Llandysul in Teifi Valley which has 13 Unitarian churches. It was named by 19th century Presbyterian Methodists, frustrated by the strength of Unitarian churches in the area.

Discover the stories and far reaching connections of Methodism with the Ceredigion Cilgwyn Trail, while the 'Smotyn Du’ trail introduces you to the people and places associated with Unitarianism, including links to Dylan Thomas and Frank Lloyd Wright.