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Llangrannog and Cilborth beaches

Originally a hidden village above the old port, Llangrannog is now one of Ceredigion’s most popular beach destinations and is part of the Wales Coast Path. The sandy beaches nestle below the cliffs and are favourite destinations for families on days out, beach holidays and with surfers. The beach is also patrolled by RNLI lifeguards during the summer months.

Llangrannog Beach - Discover Ceredigion

Llangrannog and Cilborth Beaches

Cilbor​​th beach is immediately north of Llangrannog and is accessed by steps down the cliff or from Llangrannog beach when the tide is low. This fantastic beach is sandy and secluded in a hidden cove. It can be easily identified by a dramatic tooth-shaped rock known as Carreg Bica. According to legend this was a tooth that troubled a local giant, which one day he ripped it out in anger, whereupon it happened to land in Llangrannog!​

Around Carreg Bica there are great rockpools to explore, and find colourful seaweeds, shellfish such as limpets and mussels as well as starfish and crabs. The beach also has a series of caves, carved out of the contorted rock formations by the sea.​

The Urdd is the Welsh youth movement and it is the biggest of its kind in Europe. Each year its summer camp near Llangrannog provides activities for some 20,000 youngsters and features a heritage centre about Llangrannog. The Urdd centre has a dry ski-slope and is open to visitors.

Surfing and rowing are popular activities enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Activities at Llangrannog and Cilborth beaches are suitable for the whole family and include sailing, windsurfing, kayaking and surfing. Nearby, Ynys Lochtyn is a tiny peninsula off the coast of Llangrannog and a great place to spot seals.​ 

    •  Seaside Awards 2019  - Llangrannog & Cilborth
    •  Blue Flag 2019 - Llangrannog
    •  Green Coast 2019 - Cilborth
  • ​ Baby changing facilities
  •  Car parking
  •  Disabled toilet
  •  Life saving equipment
  •  Lifeguard on patrol  25/05/19 - 01/09/19
  •  Navigation by-laws in force
  •  Dog restriction on section of beach 1 May - 30 Sept