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Agriculture and Village Shows

Ceredigion probably has more shows per head of population than any other area, each community coming together to celebrate, compete and have fun. Each show has its own character, and there are a wide range of classes from cookery, craft and flower arranging to carriage driving, stallions and riding ponies.

Shows this Summer

This is Welsh pony and cob country, with equine competions amongs the best in the country. Look out for native breeds of sheep and cattle too, such as our local Llanwenog sheep, and the distinctive Welsh Black cattle and Welsh pigs.

Below are dates for 2019. Each show is usually held on a particular day rather than a fixed date - eg first Saturday of a month, and the sequence is usually in the same order. See links to check details and competition schedules.




Show and links

 20  Saturday  Llanllyr Lampeter Stallion Show is the place to come to choose your stallion or mare if you're a breeder worth your salt.
 27  Saturday  Cardigan Barley Saturday - colourful parade through the streets of Cardigan celebrating the tradition of the hiring fair. Today the focus is on the stallions, but the parade also has tractors, vintage cars and other vehicles.  Judging in the morning followed by parade in the afternoon.  
8 Saturday Aberystwyth Aberystwyth County Show. First major agricultural show of the season. Horses, cattle, sheep, family fun dog show, farm and vintage machinery and other displays, stalls and entertainment including craft, homeware, garden produce and children's area.
06 Saturday Lampeter Large show with horses and other livestock including goats. Vintage and carriage display. Rugby 7-a-side.
13 Saturday Penrhiwpal Tivyside Show: cattle, horses, sheep and pigs ​
27 Sunday Aberaeron West Wales Shire Horse Society Annual Show: Shire horses shown in hand, shoeing competition and vintage parade.​
03 Saturday Cardigan Cardigan County Show: Major show with horses, livestock, poultry, sheepdog challenge, parades and entertainment.
03 Saturday Capel Bangor Horse and pony classes including shire horses and driving classes, livestock,dogs, produce and vintage
07 Wednesday Llanddewi Brefi Village show
10 Saturday Llanilar Horse and pony classes, including fancy dress and showjumping. Livestock, dogs and vintage.
11   ​Sunday  Aberaeron Aberaeron Festival of Welsh Ponies and Cobs is one of the summer season highlights.  See the best of the area's horses on display, and enjoy thrilling entertainment with international horseback acts.  
17 Saturday Pontrhydfendigaid Village show-horses, sheep, dogs, vintage​
17 Saturday Llanwnen Local Gorsgoch district and YFC show. prodouce, horses, vintage and dog show.
24 Saturday Talybont Sheep, goats, poultry, cattle, horse and pony classes, and large craft and produce tent. Speed shearing competition.​
26 Monday Tregaron Horses, cattle,sheep, dog classes and demonstrations,  vintage vehicles, produce and evening entertainment.​
28 Wednesday Llangeitho
Village show with programme of horse and pony classes. Also livestock classes, vintage vehicles and produce tent. 
 07  Saturday  Llandysul Tradaitional show established in 1874; livestock, horses, produce,vintage, fun and evening entertainment. 

Catch up with the shearers as they show off their skills – many will have spent the northern winter shearing sheep on farms in New Zealand – competing against each other and the clock!

See traditional hand shearing skills at Llanerchaeron during the summer, or join the crowd at the shearing competitions held annually on farms near Lampeter , Pontrhydfendigaid and at Talybont Show. Take a stopwatch with you!

Shearing skills are only matched by sheepdog handling skills. Local sheepdog trails are eld throughout Ceredigion, most during August.​ ​

What is a sheepdog trial?

Sheepdog trials competitions are designed to test and show off the skills of sheepdogs and their human handlers. The trails are open to experienced and young handlers, and are also the 'shop window' for the skills of the breeder too, who selects dogs to train based on intelligence, stamina and obedience.  

To gather sheep from across a wide area of land, shepherds and farmers need the help of sheepdogs, especially when working over a large and difficult terrain. Many of the dogs seen on the trials field will have been at work on the farm, maybe that very morning before setting off for the trial. 

The dogs are given a series of commands to complete a variety of tasks with a small group of sheep which reflects their everyday work on the farm – driving sheep in a certain direction – away and towards the shepherd, through gates and into pens, they control the sheep and their speed, can separate them into smaller groups, and gather them together again, all at the shepherd’s command, which could be voice or whistle, or a combination of both.  The sheep are usually comfortable with a well trained dog, even stopping to have a little nibble of grass as they get driven skillfully around the course. Scoring is based on points per element, ad dog and handler 'lose' points for any faults as they progress around the course. Trials are for individual dogs or two working together. 

International and local sheepdog trials in Ceredigion 

Sheepdog trials are held across Ceredigion, north and west Wales. In September 2020 (Friday 13 - Sunday 15) the International Sheepdog trials will be held at Aberystwyth, with competitors visiting from England, Scotland and Ireland. 
These trials will be an opportunity to see the best dogs and their handlers from England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. 

Ask locally about annual sheepdog trials - there may be more than one location close to each other on the same day. 




 17 Sunday Gwnnws
 27 Saturday Banc y Darren, Aberystwyth
 27 Saturday New Cross
 27 Saturday Abernant
 31 Wednesday Llanwrtyd
 07 Wednesday Talybont
 08 Thursday Abergwesyn
 09 &  10 Friday & Saturday Cynghordy & Llanwrda
 10 Saturday Cwmsychbant
 10 Saturday Llangurig
 11 Sunday Llangeitho (Goyallt Charity)
 11 &  12 Sunday & Monday Talgarreg
 15 Thursday New Castle Emlyn
 17 Saturday Elan Valley
 19 Monday St Dogmaels
 21 Wednesday Llangwyryfon
 21 Wednesday Ffair Rhos
 23 Friday Rhandirmwyn
 25 Sunday Ferwig
 26 Monday Cilycwm
 28 &  29 Wednesday & Thursday Tregaron
29 Thursday Llanddewi Brefi
​13-15 Friday - Sunday International Sheepdog Trials Tanycastell, Aberystwyth
​tbc Swyddffynnon
04 Wednesday Pontrhydfendigaid
28 Saturday Llangeitho
28 Saturday Penuwch
28 Sunday Talgarreg
tbc New Row