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Destination Management - Ceredigion

Taking responsibility for developing the destination, understanding the needs of its visitors and the different communities, managing the environment in which tourism takes place as well as brining together the businesses involved (either supporting tourism or being supported by it), is a challenge.

Places evolve and collaboration, coordination and a continued focus are essential to ensure a high quality experience for all, and the needs and expectations of a range of stakeholders are taken into consideration - visitors, residents and local business.

In order to ensure that an area's visitor economy is successful and sustainable, the different elements that make up the destination need to be managed in a long term and integrated way.

The Ceredigion Destination Management Partnership brings together key stakeholders who work together to develop and implement a Destination Management Plan to address these challenges, based on the sustainable tourism principles of integration and collaboration. Ceredigion County Council is a major stakeholder in destination marketing and management.

Destination Management

Destination Management is an approach to managing and developing the visitor economy which embraces the total visitor experience at every stage of the visitor 'journey' - before, during and after their visit. It is about managing the public realm and creating and maintaining a sense of place as well as communicating clearly and delivering good service and customer care.

Destination Management Plan

Below you will find the Destination Management Plan for Ceredigion and the related Action Plan that will be developed to deliver its strategic objectives, as well as background documents including Ceredigion's Tourism Strategy. The plan will evolve to reflect the evolution and development of Ceredigion as a destination. The Action Plan will summarise the rolling programme of work jointly identified and agreed and how it will be delivered.

Ceredigion Destination Management Plan

Ceredigion Tourism Strategy 2011-2020 

Destination Management Wales

The Destination Management approach is being adopted Wales-wide. More information about Destination Management can be found on the VisitWales Destination Management portal​ including information about sustainable tourism, a comprehensive 'toolkit' and a series of case studies.

Ceredigion County Council

Tourism is already an important contributor to the economy of Ceredigion and is recognised by Ceredigion County Council as having potential for further, sustainable growth to bring benefits to local people in the form of jobs and income, services which are shared and sustained by visitor use and an attractive, safe environment.

As a Local Authority with statutory and non-statutory responsibilities for a range of services that impact on, or are impacted upon by tourism, Ceredigion County Council is a principal partner in the Ceredigion Destination Management Partnership.​ Ceredigion County Council works through a Cabinet model of governance with elected members taking the principal, strategic decisions for the Council. Individual Cabinet members have lead responsibility for specific areas of council operations. Tourism in the Economic and Community Development portfolio.

The Cabinet Member with responsibility for this portfolio is Cllr Rhodri Evans. 

Statutory and non statutory responsibilites

As a Local Authority, Ceredigion County Council has a range of statutory and some non-statutory roles which have an impact on tourism and tourism related industries and services.

Below are links to some of the departments within Ceredigion County Council which, as a tourism business you may need to contact. Find other services via the Ceredigion County Council corporate site, or contact the Tourism Service team for advice.

Tourism promotion and information managementTourism marketing, including the management and development of the tourism website, destination PR and social media and the direct management of four Tourist Information Centres is undertaken by the Council’s Tourism

Road SignageApplications for road signs on Trunk Roads should be made direct to Welsh Government. See the guidance here.

Footpaths, bridleways and other Public Rights of Way.Ceredigion County Council manages over 1500 miles (2500 km) of public paths in Ceredigion, including the 60 mile (96km) length of the Ceredigion Coast Path. Rights of way in Ceredigion are managed on an area basis. The Definitive Rights of Way Map for Ceredigion is maintained by Ceredigion County Council.

Public TransportCeredigion County Council is a partner in the Cambrian Railways Partnership and supports community transport services to supplement commercially operated services in the area. Visitors and residents alike are encouraged to consider green forms of transport. For timetables see the Discover Ceredigion Travel pages.

Parking. Ceredigion County Council provides and maintains more than 20 car parks across Ceredigion and can advise on coach parking and drop off in the town centres.

Coast, beach and harbour managementCeredigion has 60 miles of coast that is actively managed by Ceredigion County Council as well as other agencies and private landowners. ​ Beach management and beach safety including the RNLI Lifeguard contract is undertaken by the Council’s Tourism Service. Ceredigion County Council is responsible for Harbourmaster services at Aberystwyth, Aberaeron and New Quay. Tide tables are published annually in booklet form and on on the website on a rolling 3 month basis.

Food Hygiene and SafetyIf you are a business that makes or prepares food,Ceredigion County Council officers can provide guidance and useful information and links on Food Hygiene and Safety, such as, and including the Safer Food Better Business Scheme, hygiene ratings and specific topics such as the safe production of ice.

Trading Standards. Keep up to date and get advice on legislation which may impact on your business including guidance onFair Trading and Consumer Protection and useful links to further information.

Recycling and Waste Ceredigion County Council can provide advice on recycling and composting. Advice is also available on food and commercial waste.

Licensing and permits Putting on an event, operating a campsite, riding centre or taxi service or providing entertainment are some of the activities for which you need a licence. Ceredigion County Council is the Licensing Authority and can provide advice and guidance on what you need to do. Applications can be made online.

School holidays School holiday dates vary across Wales and the other parts of the UK. Dates for school holidays across the UK can be found here. Check Ceredigion school holiday information here.